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Below are a list of our readers and industry comments about Luigi's book: The Language of Napkin Folding

Terri Robson, Manager, Luciano Pavarotti

Luigi, Luciano thinks your book is wonderful and is honoured to have a napkin dedicated to him. The resemblance is remarkable, well done.

Margaret Flemington, Merseyside

I received Luigi's book on napkin folding as a Christmas gift. I have had a lot of fun trying out the different folds and my dinner guests have all commented favorably on the various table settings, I have presented at the dinner parties I have held recently. The book is a must for any good hostess.

Alison King, Somerset

Luigi, your book is a joy, you explain everything so clearly by means of easy to follow diagrams that even I was able to produce eight lovely napkin folds for my Christmas Dinner Table which were much admired by my guests.

Anthony Woodward, London

This is Origami at its best but with linen napkins instead of paper and at last with a practical application. My kids love it.

Terri Robson, Events Promoter 

Thank you so much for your condolences to the Pavarotti family. It is still hard to believe that he is gone. I worked with him for almost 20 years and was so very fond of him as a person and admired him as the incredible artist he was. Your book and the napkin fold dedicated to him will honour his memory.

Lynda Hazell, Durham

My lovely book arrived this morning. Thank you for your dedication. I have tried a couple of the folds, which I found easy to follow from your instructions. I have now asked for some good linen napkins for my birthday so I can do justice to both the elegant and the fun folds! I certainly will not be lending my book to anyone: I will recommend they buy one for themselves! Once again, thank you for such for creating such a fun book.

Passion‧プロフィール Taiwan

Human beings use language to communicate, but have you thought that an object could have its own language too. I didn’t know this till I read Luigi’s book. Yes, a napkin has its own language, although it's just an object. By folding the napkin in a different shape, it communicates with the guests at the table, like magic. I really like your book, we have found it so easy to understand even for us that we know little English

Mandie Edwards, Surbiton

The book is superb. I love the layout, the keys on the handy flaps, the at a glance index and I love the frog. Now to purchase some real napkins.

Anne L Edward, Surrey

I have attached a photo of my lovely table with a napkin fold from your book. I think the scallops look lovely. We all loved the Sydney Opera House one. I'll be using that one when my Aussie mates next come to dinner.

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