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There is an array of paper napkin in the market for one to choose, of most colour and pattern., The non-exuberant cost will allow you to practice to perfection. 


You should never forget the hygiene aspect dealing with  table napkins, therefore your hand needs to be clean before you embark on a napkin design, intended as part of a table setting.  It is logical and common sense.

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Paper Napkins

Airlaid, this is the technical term of certain type luxury napkins which are not made of paper or linen but a combination of certain compressed cellulose material. They are the latest innovation in the luxury disposable napkin world. 


These types of napkins are preferred. for wedding and large functions, you may find then in general retail store, but because of their composition, are often classified with various name such as “Linen feel, As good a linen or Linen alternative, rather than a specific brand name.  


The perfect material for folding even the most elaborated designs. They are more costly than ordinary paper napkins and again they come in array of colour and pattern as well as size. 

If one intends to use this type of napkin, I recommend that you practice well before with ordinary paper napkins to avoid costly design mistake.

Luxury Napkins

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Linen Napkins

It uses it the same principle as Table Origami but more elaborated, you will find it extensively covered in our sister website

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