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Below are a list of media outlets that have praised Luigi's language of napkin folding. Find out more about Luigi's book: The Language of Napkin Folding


There is no doubt that a well folded napkin gives a touch of “je ne sais quoi” to your dining table. Luigi’s book will show you how to change your table as often you change your menu.

This Evening programme

BBC East Anglia


Any one who can take a napkin, fold it in such a way that it resembles the three feathers of the House of Windsor, must be a genius

This Morning Programme

ITV London


Fantastic pictures, great folds, shame having to break them before dinner.

James O'Brien

LBC Radio


Luigi’s book contains unique and ingenious features: a fold out guide to symbols for easy reference, an under-reliance on language in the diagrams to allow non-English speakers and those with reading problems to follow designs, a helpline facility, allowing readers to log any problems by interacting with the author and contribute with their own ideas. A Dialog between the readers and author, this has never happened before in a book of this kind.

James White

Harrow Observer 

unnamed (1).jpg

With the help of “Luigi’s Language of Napkin Folding” book, you will bring creativity and style to your dinner party in an easy and original way. Your guests will be amazed. :/Sagida Saya, L’Italiano Europeo News, London: Any one who does not posses this book is denied the unique opportunity to impress their customer as well as motivate their restaurant staff.

Alex Buchanan

Catering Scotland


Impressive book, beautifully laid out, ideal for special events and much more

Jeremey King

RSVP Magazine


People appreciate food more if there is a first class table presentation. Luigi’s book deals with how to create spectacular folded napkins. The book is ideal for both the catering industry and any one who loves entertaining at home.


Evening Telegraph


As the chefs have their knives, the waiter’s tool of the trade is the napkin. Luigi, in his book, will show you how napkins can make a difference on a how the table is presented to the customers as they walk trough the door.

Hilary Armstrong

Restaurant Mag.

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